Et in Arcadia ego

Et in Arcadia ego Nowadays, the market is dictated by unhinged greed as is shown in countless scandals such as LIBOR. Free-market to these vampire squids is like license to kill for all. I wonder how well ordinary citizenry can fare under the unchecked tyranny of greed.

profitable arbitrage opportunities among biases

profitable arbitrage opportunities among biases I am a book worm, so thanks for the book recommendation. You probably mistake me for a gold bug , however I am merely open-minded about different asset classes. Sometime bias is a good thing without which the great game of carry trade simply can’t thrive. There always lies the … More profitable arbitrage opportunities among biases

The great HLF Formula 1 diet warehousing trade

The great HLF Formula 1 diet warehousing trade To my surprise, this article is really about gold-bashing. If Gold is of no utility, what about fiat currency, what about diamond? In this world of ours, Satisfying the establishment’s need to deceive and coerce is of utility; Satisfying the materialist’s vanity is of utility; May I … More The great HLF Formula 1 diet warehousing trade